Wyszków Cemetery - Gravestone Identification Project

Prior to the erection of the cemetery monument, photographs were taken of each gravestone or fragment. Fragments were painstakingly matched where possible. The stones were then translated and efforts were made to identify those who the stones memorialized. As many of the stones do not have surnames, it was not readily possible to identify them all.

However, extracts of records in the Wyszków death registers enabled the JRI-Poland team to both identify additional stones as well as provide new information for the tombstones previously identified. A star (*) before and after the text indicates new information.


		BROMBERG, Malka, daughter of Schloma, died 18 July 1933
		CEMBEL [CYMBAL], Zelda, daughter of Yitzhak Moseh Ha-Levi,
			wife of Pinchas Ha-Levi, died 18 Jan 1931
			* Maiden Name: BURSZTYN *
			* Husband: Pinkus CEMBAL, Jewish School Teacher, and 
			  synagogue maintenance man, 51 years old. *
		CUKER, Chaya Pessa, daughter of Avrahm Yitzchak Hakoen,
			wife of Zvi Arye (age 67)
		IRLICHT [EJRLICHT] Malka, died 28 Feb. 1933  (age 55)
		JAGODA, Chaim Dov, son of Avraham, died 18 March 1923 (age 76)
			* Name in Polish:  Chaim Ber *
			* Mother's name Haja Sura *
			* Wife's name Bejla *
		KIERSZENBAUM, Moshe Aharon, son of Mordechai Ze'ev,
			died 4 Jan 1924
		KRIST, Tzvi (Hersz), son of Dovid, died 30 May 1932 (age 28)
		PACHT, Avraham Yehoshua (Abram Szja) , son of Yossef Nissen Hakoen,
			died 19 Dec. 1915 (age 24).  
			* Father's name in Polish spelling: Josek *  
			* Mother's name: Rejzla SANDACZ *   
			* Spouses name: Hana  *
		PRZETICKI, Moshe Meir, sone of Yossef, died 28 Mar. 1931
		RAJCZYK, Yitzhak (Icek), son of Eliezer, died 31 Mar. 1931
		ROZENBERG, Moshe Nochum, died 19 Feb. 1925, (age 65)
			* Profession: Fisherman *
			* Mother's name: Chaja Leja *
			* Wife's name: Necha BLUM *
		SAMSONOWICZ, Shmarya, son of Yaakov, died 20 July 1906
		SEGAL, Shmuel, son of Sholom, died 1 Oct 1855
		SLODARZ, Szloma Pinchas, son of Yoe-l, died 29 Oct.1919 (age 67)
			* Profession, Merchant *
			* Mother's name: Jenta *
			* Wife's name Rywfka SOKOL *
		SOKOL, Zelig, son of Yitzhak (Icek), died 2 June 1911 (age 52)
			* Mother's name: Rojza *   
			* Wife's name:  Rywka TENENBAUM *
		SUKIENNIK, Zisel (Zysla), daughter of Elya-h Ha-Kohen,
			died 26 Jan 1916 (age 32)
			* Father's name in Polish: Ela *  
			* Mother's name: Fejga BURSZTYN *
			* Husband's name: Alter *
		WIDELEC, Aharon Tzvi (Aron Hersz), died 21 March 1930 (age 78)
			* Father's name:  Jankiel *
			* Mother's name:  Sura NOWES *
		ZUZEL, Ruchla, daughter of Ze'ev (Wolf), died 7 Jan 1907
			* Age 15 *
			* Mother's name: Sura Rywka SMIECIUCH *


  • Surnames reflect spelling used in the vital record registers of Wyszków and may not correspond to current surnames of descendants and/or relatives in other countries.
  • While buried in the Wyskzów cemetery, some of these individuals were from nearby towns and villages.
  • Where age of deceased is not indicated, this indicates that the age did not appear in the index page; therefore, the actual records must be extracted to obtain this and other information such as mother, spouse and, in some cases, surviving children.

This tombstone matching effort utilizes the JRI-Poland database of the indices of the Jewish vital records of Wyszków, made possible through the kind cooperation of the Polish State Archives.

JRI-Poland invites all researchers and families with an interest in Wyszków and surrounding towns and villages to be part of this unique project to identify the stones and remnants of stones mounted in the beautiful monument at the site of the Wyszków Jewish cemetery. Here is how you can participate:

  • Funds are needed to extract many more records in the effort to identify additional tombstones. It is the only way to determine which Yaakov is the son of which Yitzhak when there are ten similar given name combinations and few if any surnames. To contribute, click here.
  • Efforts should be made to find relatives of those whose tombstones have been identified so that they, in their own way, may memorialize a family member

For full details of the Wyszków Jewish vital records and tombstone identification project, a photo of the monument, and a list of more than 1000 family names noted in the town's birth, marriage and death registers, click here. For additional information on the specific records and identified stones, please contact:

Stanley Diamond (SMSDiamond@aol.com) or Michael Richman (MBResq@aol.com)

JRI-Poland's Wyszków Project team
Judy Baston
Stanley Diamond
Michael Richman

Surviving records less than 100 years old are held in the Civil Records Offices (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego) of each town.

For information on the 20th century records available for your town, visit the Routes to Roots Foundation website, click on the 'SEARCH DATABASE' button (on the right side) and enter the town name. Look for the town name in the Repository/City column of the search results. There are typically links to lists of available births, marriage and death records for the town.

Note, however, the Routes to Roots Foundation database may indicate turn of the century records that have already been transferred to the appropriate branch of the Polish State Archives where they can be indexed for the JRI-Poland database.

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