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Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is a totally independent non-profit organization with its own administration, volunteers and fundraising. Through the dedicated effort of its international group of volunteers and generous contributors, thousands of individuals have obtained access to family records from their heritage in Poland.

Since its modest beginnings in 1995, JRI-Poland has indexed more than 6.1 million records from more than 550 towns over the past 18 years and now maintains the largest online database of Jewish records of any country.

The JRI-Poland database offers free search capabilities not available anywhere else. This includes the new Surname Distribution Mapper which helps researchers to understand graphically where their family names first appeared in the 19th century records and spread throughout Poland by decades from the early 1800s into the first part of the 20th century.

To best serve those researching their Jewish roots in Poland, JRI-Poland also shares its unique data with JewishGen. While much of JRI-Poland's data can be accessed via the JewishGen All-Poland database, it is important to note that donations to JewishGen do not fund JRI-Poland's research and growth; only donations to JRI-Poland can accomplish this.

JRI-Poland fundraising is "shtetl-specific" so that you can direct your donations to support indexing records for your town or towns. Genealogists can thus directly further the research of towns specific to their interest. Learn More.

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