Step-by-Step Guide for the Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator

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How records get from the LDS (Mormon) Microfilms into the JRI-Poland Database


To genealogists, the ability to search for family records among the Jewish vital records of Poland from the comfort of their home computer is nothing short of a miracle. Jewish Records Indexing - Poland (JRI-Poland) makes this possible through the efforts of its many dedicated volunteers.

The quality of the database is directly tied to the volunteer's understanding of how to read the information in the LDS microfilms or online record images and data enter into Excel for later uploading to the JRI-Poland database.

Wherever possible, JRI-Poland appoints an official volunteer "Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator" for each town for which there are records. The volunteer coordinates the efforts to enter the information for all the Jewish records for the town in the LDS microfilm collection or online images. The Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator reaches out to other volunteers to help in keying in the actual data.

The Step by Step Guide provides a description of the entire process involved in getting the records into the JRI-Poland database and anticipates most of the questions in the process. It also suggests how to coordinate and instruct volunteers working on the Shtetl CO-OP team. However, the vital records of Poland were not always kept in a consistent manner either over time or from town to town. Therefore, JRI-Poland invites Shtetl CO-OP Coordinators and their volunteers to seek answers to questions not answered in the guide as well as to offer suggestions for improving the guide.

Click HERE to download the entire file. This is an Microsoft Word file (75K bytes, 31 pages).