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Special Search Results Message for indices to records from:

Brok, Chorzele, Krasnosielsk, Maków Mazowiecki, Nasielsk, Nur,
Przasnysz, Ostrów Maz., Pultusk, Rozan, Wyszków

You have indicated an interest in vital records with SURNAMES from the above towns or your search of the JRI - Poland database has turned up vital records with SURNAMES from these towns. Please note the following announcement and instructions regarding these towns and/or the noted records:


Indices for previously unavailable records

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has entered into a milestone agreement with the Polish State Archives. The goal is to index all 19th century Jewish vital records in the Polish State Archives which are not included in the microfilm collection of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). Copies of these records are available from the Polish State Archives.

Access the special instructions regarding the order form.
Please read these instructions.

Read about the up-to-date status of the JRI-Poland / PSA project.

Information on the Pultusk project:

Indexing is proceeding on an archive by archive basis and Data entry has now been COMPLETED for the indices of Jewish vital records for the towns in the Pultusk branch of the Polish State Archives (see below).

Completed data for each town is posted to the JRI-Poland database after fundraising for the specific town has been completed. We are pleased to announce that the Pultusk project Phase 1 is now complete and all indices are available for searching.

For information about future Archives to be indexed, subscribe to the JRI-Poland mailing list and read the up-to-date reports. If the name of the town below is highlighted as a hyperlink, click on it for a listing of the surnames from that town.

Town Fond
Type Last Year/Akt#
in LDS films
(if applicable)
Phase 1
Phase 2
Brok 135 B 1865/79 1866-1897 1897-1899
    M 1865/12 1866-1897 1897-1899
    D 1865/20 1866-1897 1897-1899
Chorzele 229 B 1863/21 1864-1897 1898-1899
    M 1863/7 1864-1897 1898-1899
    D 1867/4 1864-1897 1898-1899
Krasnosielc   B   1898-1899  
    M   1898-1899  
    D   1898-1899  
643 B No LDS Records 1898-1899  
    M No LDS Records 1898-1899  
    D No LDS Records 1898-1899  
Nasielsk 116 B No LDS Records 1875-1897 1898-1899
    M No LDS Records 1875-1897 1898-1899
    D No LDS Records 1875-1897 1898-1899
Nur 264 B 1859/8 1860-1876  
    M 1859/5 1860-1876  
    D 1859/5 1860-1876  
Przasnysz *

106 B 1865/170 1866-1897 1898-1899
There are 2 surname lists (pull-down menu above) for Przasnysz.

List 1 has been extracted from the 1865 to 1897 indices which are available on line
in the JRI-Poland database.

List 2 has been extracted from the 1898 to 1900 indices which are NOT currently available
due to a shortfall in funding of the Przasnysz indexing project. Click here to contribute.

For information on eligibility to receive the Excel file with all Przasnysz indices
from 1865 to 1900, contact Pultusk Archives Coordinator, Stanley Diamond

    M 1865/43 1866-1897 1898-1899
    D 1865/74 1866-1897 1898-1899
Ostrów Maz. 94 B 1865/210 1866-1897  
    M 1865/12 1866-1897  
    D 1862/104 1863-1897  
Pultusk * 84 B not applicable 1875-1896 1897-1899
    M not applicable 1875-1896 1897-1899
    D not applicable 1875-1896 1897-1899
Rozan   B   1898-1899  
    M   1898-1899  
    D   1898-1899  
Wyszków 98 B not applicable 1874-1896 1897-1899
    M not applicable 1874-1896 1897-1899
    D not applicable 1874-1896 1897-1899

Notes: Fond Ref# = Document/Record group.
            Akt# = Document number.

* Click HERE for Status Report for fundraising for Przasnysz and Pultusk indices.


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