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Definitions of Gubernias and Provinces

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Gubernia map
Gubernias of Poland between 1867 to 1894
(Note: Pultusk and Plonsk districts were
transferred to the Warszawa Gubernia in 1894]
Gubernias of the Kingdom of Poland

While there were several changes in the borders between 1815 and 1917,
the gubernia and district borders were stable from 1894 to 1912.  The
Contents of the Database table denotes the location of towns during
the years 1894 to 1912, the time span when the greatest number of Jews
emigrated from this area.

The JRI-Poland database also includes records from other Gubernias
that were part of the Pale of Settlement (Vilna, Grodno, Volynia), as
well as Galicia and Prussian Poland.  Abbreviations/references are also
provided for these areas.

Pr  Prussia           Ki  Kielce        Pl  Plock        Wa  Warszawa
Ga  Galicia           Lo  Lomza         Ra  Radom        Vi  Vilna
Gr  Grodno            Lu  Lublin        Si  Siedlce      Vo  Volynia
Kl  Kalisz            Pi  Piotrkow      Su  Suwalki

The Provinces 1945-1975 

The Province references in the Contents of the Database table refers
to the political boundaries within Poland immediately following World
War II and until 1975.  These are also used by the LDS (Mormons) to
classify their collection of microfilms of Jewish vital records.  The 
Provinces are:
Bi  Bialystok   Ko  Koszalin    Ol  Olsztyn     Sz  Szczecin
By  Bydgoszcz   Kr  Krakow      Op  Opole       Wa  Warszawa
Gd  Gdansk      Lo  Lodz        Po  Poznan      Wr  Wroclaw
Ka  Katowice    Lu  Lublin      Rz  Rzeszow     Zi  Zielona Gora
Ki  Kielce      Lw  Lwow

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