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This table is based on data compiled by Alexander Sharon.

Terms for Family Relationships
Polish English
babcia grandmother
babka żony wife's grandmother
bliźniaczy twin
brat brother
bratanek nephew (brother's son)
bratanica niece (brother's daughter)
bratowa sister-in-law
ciocia aunt
cioteczna siostra female cousin (daughter of either parent’s sister)
cioteczny brat male cousin (son of either parent’s sister)
ciotka aunt
córka daughter
córka pierwszego męża stepdaughter (to the mother)
córka z pierwszego małżeństwa daughter (from a previous marriage)
córka żony stepdaughter (to the father)
dziadek grandfather
dziadkowie grandparents
kawaler single man
krewna female relative
krewny male relative
kum godfather (also good friend of family)
kuma godmother
kumy godparents
kuzyn cousin (male)
kuzynka cousin (female)
małżonek husband
małżonka wife
matka mother
matka żony mother-in-law (wife's mother)
mąż córki son-in-law
mążatka married woman
niezamężna unmarried woman
nieżonaty unmarried man
ojciec father
ojczym stepfather
...owa [suffix] a married woman, e.g. Abramsonowa is Mrs. Abramson
...owna [suffix] an unmarried woman, e.g. Abramsonowna is Miss Abramson
panna single woman
pasierb stepson
pasierbica stepdaughter, or daughter from a previous marriage
pociot husband of either parent's sister
pół brat half brother
pół siostra half sister
prababcia great-grandmother
prababka great-grandmother
praciotka great-aunt (grandmother's sister)
pradziadek great-grandfather
prastryj great-uncle (grandfather's brother)
prastryjna great-aunt (grandfather's sister)
przedstryj great-uncle (grandfather's brother)
przedwuj great-uncle (grandmother's brother)
przybrana córka stepdaughter, or daughter from a previous marriage
przyrodni brat half brother
przybrany ojciec foster father
przybrany syn stepson
przyrodna siostra half sister
przyrodni rodzice foster parents
rodzic(e) parent(s)
sierota orphan
siostra sister
siostra matki aunt (mother's sister)
siostra żony wife's sister
siostrzeniec nephew (sister's son)
siostrzenica neice (sister's daughter)
stryj uncle (paternal)
stryjna aunt (paternal)
stryjeczna siostra female cousin (daughter of either parent’s brother)
stryjeczny babcia great aunt (paternal)
stryjeczny brat male cousin (son of either parent's brother)
stryjeczny dziadek great uncle (paternal)
stryjenka aunt (paternal)
stryjek uncle (paternal)
stryjostwo couple consisting of paternal uncle and his wife
stryk uncle (father's brother)
syn son
syn pierwszego męża son (from a previous marriage)
synowa daughter-in-law
synowica neice (brother's daughter)
synowiec nephew (brother's son)
szwagier brother-in-law
szwagierka sister-in-law
szwagrowie couple consisting of brother and his wife
teść father-in-law
teściowa mother-in-law
teściowie in-laws (spouse's parents)
wdowa widow
wdowiec widower
wielka ciotka great-aunt (grandmother's sister)
wielka stryjna great-aunt (grandfather's sister)
wielki stryj great-uncle (grandfather's brother)
wielki wuj great-uncle (grandmother's brother)
wnuczęta grandchildren
wnuczka granddaughter
wnuk grandson
wuj uncle (maternal)
wujeczny babcia great aunt (maternal)
wujeczny dziadek great uncle (maternal)
wujek uncle (maternal)
wujenka aunt (maternal)
wujostwo couple consisting of maternal uncle and his wife
wychowanek foster son
wychowanka foster daughter
wychowawca foster father
wychowawcy foster parents
wychowawczyni foster mother
zamężna married woman
zięć son-in-law
żona wife
żonaty married man

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