Polish and Cyrillic Fonts

If you do not have fonts for Polish and/or Russian Cyrillic, or if you discover that the fonts you have do not use the same ASCII codes as the JRI-PL standards then please download the fonts below.

At this time we have put together files for Windows 95 and Windows 3.x users. We have no files for Mac users. We would be pleased to hear from any Mac users experienced with using Polish and Cyrillic fonts.

Windows 95

We would advise Windows 95 users to install the Multilanguage Support Pack that comes with some versions of Windows 95. Windows 95 Multilanguage Support is a utility that allows you to write documents in Bulgarian, Belorussian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Russian, and Slovenian.

HOW TO INSTALL --------------

After following these instructions you will find that under MOST Windows software you will see 'families' of fonts under Arial, Courier and Times New Roman. For example the new Arial 'flavours' are:

Under some software packages (for example Excel 97) you may see these new fonts listed in your pull-down font selection boxes but you will find that the fonts do not appear to work as you would expect. For these packages not only must you have the Multilingual Support Fonts installed, but you must also install the relevant KEYBOARD layout for the particular country!

To install these keyboard layouts, run the Windows 95 Control Panel and double-click on the keyboard setting. Select the 'language' tab. You can then click the 'Add' button to add support for another country and scroll down the country list until you find 'Polish'. Highlight that entry and click 'ok' to select it. Repeat this for 'Russian'.

NOTE: You can only add these keyboard layouts AFTER you have installed the Multilingual Support Fonts as detailed above.

Having added these keyboard layouts you will now see that on your Windows 95 System tray at the bottom right corner of your screen there are the letters 'En' signifying that your current language is English. Clicking on these letters will pop up a selection box where you can choose Polish or Russian. The letters shown at the bottom right of your monitor change to 'Pl' or 'Ru' respectively to give you an clear indication of the current language and keyboard setting. You will find that by selecting Polish in this way that Excel 97 will now display the Polish Font correctly and similarly for Russian Cyrillic.

Download Windows 95 Multilanguage Support (1.4 Mb).

Windows 3.x (and Windows 95)

For Windows 3.x users (or for Windows 95 users who are put off by the apparent complexity of the instructions above!) you can install 2 true-type fonts that will provide you with both a Polish and Cyrillic font that meet the JRI-PL standard ASCII codes requirement.

Download Windows 3.x/95 True-Type Fonts (90 kb).

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