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FamilySearch Microfilm Master: Poland

The Award-Winning Searchable Database of Indexes to Jewish Records of Poland
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JRI-Poland search results now include Pages of Testimony matches

How to search Pages of Testimony from JRI-Poland

The "FamilySearch Microfilm Master" system allows you to specify the coordinates of a town in Poland, and obtain a list of neighboring towns which have microfilmed records of Jewish interest at the FamilySearch Library.  The resulting list of towns is arranged by the distance from the reference town.


Specify a set of latitude/longitude coordinates as a central reference point, and whether you want to work in miles or kilometers.  Then press the "Start the Search" button.  The system will then list all towns that have microfilms of Jewish interest in the FamilySearch Library, in order of the distance from your chosen reference point.  Towns within 100 miles (150 kilometers) will be shown.  The direction from the reference point to each town is also given.

On the results screen, you then have two more options for each town: Films and Rebase:

  • Films: You can see a list of the microfilms available for each town, by selecting the Films button.  This list gives the FamilySearch microfilm ordering number(s), years covered, and type(s) of record.
  • Rebase: You can also choose any of the towns listed to act as a new reference point, by selecting the Rebase button.  You can continue to run the program in this way, continually changing the town of reference.

If you are unaware of the exact location of your town of reference, you can use the JewishGen Communities Database, to determine a town's latitude and longitude.

Record Types

These are the abbreviations used for the record types found on microfilm:

FamFamily Names
CemCemetery Records
I/OIncoming and outgoing Jews
MilMilitary records
NamAcquisition of new names
SchSchool records

The FamilySearch Microfilm Master has been made possible through a joint effort of JewishGen, Avotaynu, and a number of volunteers.

List towns relative to the coordinates:
Latitude: ° ’   Longitude: °
(Use the JewishGen Communities Database
to determine the location of your town of interest).

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