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JRI-Poland and Gesher Galicia have embarked on a project to provide the most accurate inventory of the LDS films of the Jewish vital records from the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv. The inventories presented here have been compiled by Tony Kahane and were created and updated by volunteers who have viewed the films. We believe these are the most accurate inventories available.

The table below contains the list of microfilms with Jewish records filmed by the LDS Family History Library at Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv. These films may be ordered at any one of the thousands of local Family History Centers worldwide. Click here to find a Family History Center.

Neither JRI-Poland nor Gesher Galicia has reviewed the films or the privately developed inventories. A more detailed inventory showing the LDS Inventories and inventories of Jewish Genealogists who have viewed these films can be accessed by clicking here. Corrections to the inventory resulting from viewing of a film should be reported to Mark Halpern.

Polish Town Name

LDS Town Name

Records on Film

Film Numbers

Bialy Kamien Bilyi Kamin 1858-66B; 1823-62,64-69D 2405318
Bolechow Bolekhiv 1844-76B; 1811-46,60-76D 2405310
Borszczow Borshchiv 1872-76D 2405310
Brody Brody 1815-61B; 1815-26,29-61D; 1815-71M 2405310-15
Brzezany Berezhany 1846-64B; 1820-70D; 1825-74M 2405309
Budzanow Budzaniv 1852-66,83,89,92,1914-15,23B; 1825-66D; 1855-1908,10-14,18-39M 1925037, 2405315
Bukaczowce Bukachivtsi 1840-65B 2405315
Czortkow Chortkiv 1874-76B; 1888D; 1925M 2405439
Drohobycz Drohobych 1816-69B; 1816-52D; 1935M 2405316, 2405338-39
Gliniany Hlyniany 1852-76D 2405318
Grodek Jagellonski Horodok 1847-69B 2405315
Grzymalow Hrymaliv 1919-40,42M 2405315-16
Horodenka Horodenka 1851-67B; 1922-39B extracts; 1922-39D extracts; 1922-39M extracts 2405315
Husiatyn Husiatyn 1816-76D 2405316
Jagielnica Iahil'nytsia 1817-59B; 1817-61D 2405439
Jezierna Ozerna 1876-1916,18-42B 2405343-44
Jezierzany Ozeriany 1816-76B; 1815-76D; 1849-76M 2405344
Kolomyja Kolomyia 1865B 2405319
Kosow Kosiv 1842-68B; 1852-76M 2405319
Kozielniki Kozel'nyky 1859B certificates 2405328
Kozlow Kozliv 1877-78,80,87-91,93-1914,26,30,33-36M; 1923-30 marriage banns 2405318-19
Krzywcze Gorne Kryvcha 1851-75M 2405319
Kudrynce Kudryntsi 1854-76D 2405319
Lubycza Krolewska (Poland) Liubych 1880-1931M 2405319
Lwow L'viv 1808-72,94,96B; 1805-64,66-87,91,1941-42D; 1801-66M; (1835-58D Index) 905274, 2405319-28, 2405429-40, 43, 2406862
Mielnica Mel'nytsia 1820-51D; 1830-76M 2405328
Mikulince Mykulyntsii 1860,1901B; 1877,85,87-90,93-94,96-99,1929D; 1900,32,34-36M; (1887-95D Index) 2405328, 2405340
Mosciska Mostys'ka 1827-82B; 1827-85D 2405341
Mosty Wielkie Velyki Mosty 1813-61B; 1813-76D 2405340-41
Nadworna Nadvirna 1850-65B 2405342
Narajow Miasto Naraiv 1839-69,78,83-85,94,97-98,1902,05,11,20-22,25-26,30-36B; 1890-91,94-98,1900,06-07,13,20-26,30-36D; 1902,05,13,20-26,30-36M 2405342-43
Nawarya Navariia 1876-77,79-82,96-99B; 1879-87,89,91-97,99-1900,02,06-07D 2405341-42
Okopy Okopy 1823-76D 2405344
Olesko Oles'ko 1852-76B 2405335
Podhajce Pidhaitsi 1854-81,84,86-89,1916,30B; 1878-80,82-95D 2405336-38
Podwoloczyska Pidvolochys'k 1877-93B; 1877-1920,23-39,42D; (1896-1936B Index; 1896-1939D Index) 2405335
Probuzna Probizhna 1817-76D 2405338
Radziechow Radekhiv 1832-60B 2405338
Rozdol Rozdol 1832-68B 2405338
Rudki Rudky 1850-62B; 1850-66D 2405338
Sambor Sambir 1859-76M 2405339
Skalat Skalat 1897B; 1827-45D 2405339
Sokal Sokal' 1831-58B 2405339
Stanislawow Stanislaviv 1817-45,1924-33B; 1845-63,1924,26-32D; 1789-1871,1924-33M 2398224, 2405339, 2439554
Stary Sambor Stare Misto 1856-76D 2405339
Strusow Strusiv 1837-70B; 1837-38,40-70D; 1853-59,62,70M 2405430
Stryj Stryi 1846-58B; 1847-76D; 1855-76M 2405339, 2405430
Suchostaw Sukhostav 1814-24,26-29,31-76B; 1814,52-57,62-67,69-70,72-75M; 1814-22,25-29,31,33-38,40-41,43-44,46-76D 2405430
Tarnopol Ternopil' 1816-38,52-65,1900B; 1816-34,45-69,77-78,1926,29,31,41-42D; 1816-39,41-46,48-58,1923,31-36,38-39,42M; (1924,27B Index); 1890 Jewish Census 2405430-32
Tartakow Tartakiv 1815-19,21-58B 2405430
Turka (not Galicia) Turka 1903B 2405439
Tyczyn (Poland) Tuchyn 1792-1876D 2405432
Wielkie Oczy (Poland) Velyki Ochi 1791-1853B; 1791-1853D 2405335
Winniki Vynnyky 1857,1922-30B; 1930M 2405328
Witkow Nowy Vitkiv Novyi 1829-61B 2405315
Zbaraz Zbarazh 1815-76B; 1804-09,16-58,94-1907,12-42D 2405316-18
Zborow Zboriv 1838-64B; 1819-46,75-76D 2405318
Zimna Woda Zymna Voda 1854B 2405328
Zloczow Zolochiv 1825-55B; 1825-53D 2405318
Zniesienie Znesennia 1858,59,62,67-69B (a few certificates) 2405328
Zolkiew Zhovkva 1828-40B; 1855-70D 2160624, 2405316


1) Entries in Bold type are towns with NO records indexed at the AGAD branch of the Polish State Archives.

2) Entries in Italic type are from index books (no individual records) or Certificates, which we have not seen and we cannot comment on their content.

Surviving records less than 100 years old are held in the Civil Records Offices (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego) of each town.

For information on the 20th century records available for your town, visit the Routes to Roots Foundation website, click on the 'SEARCH DATABASE' button (on the right side) and enter the town name. Look for the town name in the Repository/City column of the search results. There are typically links to lists of available births, marriage and death records for the town.

Note, however, the Routes to Roots Foundation database may indicate turn of the century records that have already been transferred to the appropriate branch of the Polish State Archives where they can be indexed for the JRI-Poland database.

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