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Indices for records in the AGAD Archives for which no
associated records are available in Poland


Among the more than 2000 registers in the AGAD Archives are volumes containing index pages only. While these indices sometimes contain extensive information, they do not include all the data typically present in Galician Birth, Marriage or Death registers.

The following table lists the JRI-Poland indices for which additional information is NOT available from the AGAD Archives in Warsaw. Where possible, the source of the actual associated records for these indices has been identified.

(Ukrainian name)
Ref #
Type Years Location of associated registers
Podwoloczyska 1016 Deaths 1877 - 96 Lviv – Central State Historical Archive
Tarnopol Births   Births 1861 - 65 Lviv – Central State Historical Archive
Tarnopol Births   Births 1877 Reportedly does not exist.
Zalozce 1503 Marriages 1877 - 1900 Reportedly does not exist.
The address of the Lviv Archives is:
Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine
3a Plaza Soborna
290006 Lviv
You can write to the archives directly or use a private record-searching service.
If you write to the Central State Archives of Ukraine, please do not send the JRI-Poland Search Results page as a reference. A personal letter should be sent to the Archives using the information from the Search Results to order the record(s).

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