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The Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw

And one man's life cycle


My eyes run with water
Of the death of my father
A Man who walked in the straight path
Fearful of G-d and enjoyed the labors of his hands
Behold it is he, Our teacher, the Rabbi Israel Tuvia
Son of Menachem Manas HaCohen


Deceased on the second of Tevet in the year 5660
(December 4, 1899)

Genealogical information can be gleaned from many sources. For many, the new Warszawa Cemetery database will yield additional clues in their ancestral research. Genealogical research is much more than just records; this matzevah reveals something about the man, his stature and the esteem in which he was held.

This is Israel Tuvia Geszwind, a man who lived to 60 years young. Research of the LDS Warsaw Microfilms, the JRI-Poland vital records database and the newly arrived indices to vital records in the Warsaw archives has produced birth and marriage records from Israel Tuvia and his family. The signature below is an historical treasure from the time when Israel Tuvia (Izrael Tobiasz) proudly signed his name when he registered his marriage in the clerks office in 1859.

Through the help of the staff at the Warszawa Jewish Cemetery, Israel Tuvia’s tombstone was located and the above photograph taken. Below is the print out from the Cemetery detailing the location of the plot.

One hundred years later, four generations of Israel Tuvia’s living descendants have found a link to their ancestor through a simple stone with meaningful words describing the man.

May his priestly hands that are raised in blessing continue to bless us and may his neshama (soul) watch over us for eternity.

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