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Serving researchers with an interest in towns and villages that were located in the former Kielce and Radom Gubernias of Russian Poland

After many years of providing outstanding contributions to in-depth research of this area of Poland, the Kielce-Radom Special Interest Group Journal ceased publication in 2004. During that time, the indices published in the Journal to many of the towns were transferred to Jewish Records Indexing - Poland and became available in the JRI-Poland online searchable database.

Since 2004, the full extracts for tens of thousands of records from most towns, originally published in the K-R Journal, have been integrated into the JRI-Poland database and are freely available and searchable online. Over time, extracts from all towns will be added. In addition, searchable PDF copies are now available online. See "Contents of the K-R SIG Journal" below.

History of the Kielce-Radom Special Interest Group Journal

The Kielce-Radom Special Interest Group was formed in 1997 under the direction of an Advisory Group comprising Warren Blatt, Lauren Davis and Gene Starn. The goal of the founders was to promote cooperative research of the Jewish population of Kielce and Radom gubernias (regions in southern Russian Poland). Warren Blatt was the founding editor and Gene Starn founding Coordinator. Mark Froimowitz subsequently joined as Coordinator in 2000. The Advisory Group was composed of Warren Blatt (Editor), Debra Braverman (Membership) and Carol Isaak (Production) beginning in 2002.

The SIG produced a quarterly publication, the Kielce-Radom SIG Journal, from 1997 to 2004. The Journal published articles applicable to research throughout Russian Poland, as well as research projects such as index extractions/transliterations from LDS microfilms of vital records.

Areas of Inclusion


Towns in Kielce and Radom Gubernias

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Contents of the K-R SIG Journal

Towns Records in All Issues

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Table of Contents for All Issues

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K-R SIG Journal copies

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