Family Tribute

Dedicated to the Families of Zdunska Wola

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland continues to be the recipient of generous donations and bequests to support the ongoing indexing of town records throughout Poland. It is with deep gratitude for this support that JRI-Poland provides Family Tribute Pages to honor or memorialize ancestors and family members through photographs and stories.

Potaznik family of Zdunska Wola, Poland

Paulette Wagner and her mother Esther Krell

From left to right: Esther Krell 1907-1970 and Paulette Wagner 1935-1998

By Prof. H. Daniel Wagner

In loving memory of my mother Paulette Wagner, born Krell in Liège (Belgium) on August 13, 1935, died in Bruxelles (Belgium) on May 11, 1998.

In loving memory of Paulette's mother, Esther Krell, born Potaznik in Zdunska Wola (Poland) on July 15, 1907, died in Liège (Belgium) on February 17, 1970.

In commemoration of the extensive Potaznik family from Zdunska Wola.