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Gubernia: Warszawa  Province: Bydgoszcz

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Latitude: 52°50'00 Longitude: 18°54'00 USBGN: -518,342

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Title Contact
Archive Coordinator, Wloclawek Archive Project Rieke Nash Z"L
Nieszawa Town Leader, Wloclawek Archives Project Rieke Nash Z"L
Polish State Archives (Some years may also be in LDS films) More Info
Location Years Available Indexed Years Online Type Status
Archive 71 Fond 402 1826 - 1894 1827 / 1894 M
Archive 71 Fond 402 1826 - 1904 1826 - 1903 B
Archive 71 Fond 402 1826 - 1834 1826 / 1834 D
Archive 71 Fond 402 1865 - 1904 1865 / 1879 D
Funding More Info
Project Target Raised Balance Contact
Nieszawa, Wloclawek PSA 71
$600.00 $600.00 Funded Rieke Nash Z"L
Glossary of Terms


Identifies the film number or archive where the information was taken from

Years Available:

Refers to the range of years existing in inventory for a given source: a dash '-' indicates an uninterrupted range of years and a slash '/' indicates gaps exist in the set

Years Online:

Lists the years from those available which are uploaded to the JRI-Poland database


Abbreviation of the record category; not all types listed are available for all towns

A Army H Holocaust N Newspaper
B Birth L Voters P Passports
C Census M Marriage R Cemetery
CON Conversion MA Marriage Alegata S School
D Death MB Marriage Banns V Divorce


Indicates the current standing of the given records in reaching the online database

Complete All years are searchable via the database
Partially Indexed A subset of the years available are online and searchable via the database
In Progress The records listed are currently being processed for future accessability online
Awaiting Funding JRI-Poland has obtained record copies but seeks contributions to support indexing
Contact Us The progress of this project requires further explanation; please contact the Town Coordinator listed above
More Recent Records

Surviving vital records less than 100-years old are held in Civil Records Offices (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego). Vital records from smaller communities are recorded in a nearby town with a Jewish Civil Register.

For details of the surviving birth, marriage and death records for your town that are less than 100-years old, click here. Other types of records and their sources may also be listed. (This feature provided by the Routes to Roots Foundation and the Steve Morse "One Step" system.)

JRI-Poland is an independent non-profit tax-exempt organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

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