Polish LDS Film List

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These files contain the list of microfilms with Jewish records (of Poland). Films may be ordered at any one of the thousands of local Family History Centers worldwide. In addition to the complete collection at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, there are also locations where large collections of FHL films are permanently available. This list indicates where some of the microfilms are available at the Los Angeles Family History Center (LA), Family History Center in London, England (LN), the Center for Jewish History in New York City, Family History Center in Queens, NY (Q), and The Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center at Beit Hatfutsot in Israel.

For the convenience of researchers, the file is made available in three formats: MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat and CSV, comma-delimited for Mac.

Adobe Acrobat PDF file MS Excel for Windows CSV (comma-delimited) for Mac file

Corrections to microfilm description in the Family History Library (Mormon) Catalogue

At the time of the original microfilming of Polish records, the cataloging work was done by volunteers and were thus some errors occurred. The FHL will correct cataloging errors brought to their attention. Send corrections to FHL@LDSChurch.org with the subject line "Catalog Corrections." Please provide the full description of the film as it currently appears in the Family History Library Catalog along with a detailed description of the error you discovered. Include the FHL Film Number and Item Number for the segment that is incorrectly described in the catalog. The FHL has provided the following format for this information:

Film Discrepancy

 1. Film #____________________ Item #________
    FHLC Catalog lists the following information for this film:

 2. What is (actually) on the film: