Jewish Records Indexing - Poland /
Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. (New York)

Indexing of genealogical collections at the
Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
in association with
the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation Genealogy Project

Project 4:  Dzialoszyce, Poland

Births, Deaths, Marriages and
Alegata (Marriage Supplements) 1829/1846

(only to be sent by regular post;
no e-mail orders, please.)



To:  The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation Genealogy Project 
       at the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland
       ul. Tlomackie 3/5
       00-090 Warsaw 

Subject:  Photocopies of Dzialoszyce records  

Please send me a copy of the following record(s):


Type *


SURNAME Given Name(s) Additional
Record(s) **
* indicate type of records using the following abbreviations:
B = Birth, D = Death, M = Marriage, A = Alegata (Marriage Supplements)
** indicate "additional records" desired from Marriage Supplements
file using the following code:
GB = Groom Birth
BB = Bride Birth
MC = Marriage Registration
DC = Death Certificate (for previous spouse)
BN = Banns Certificate
DV = Divorce Certificate (from previous spouse)
Important: Only those "additional documents" listed in the indices
are available for the specific Marriage Supplement file. Do NOT
order a document type that is not listed in these indices.

Please mail the above copies to:  
Zip/Postal Code:
Email address: 

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Delivery Time

The Jewish Historical Institute will give a quick turnaround time for small orders -- providing they ONLY involve photocopying of SPECIFIED items. To ensure prompt response, all orders should list the records exactly as noted above.


The Jewish Historical Institute does not have a set fee for photocopies. However, it is naturally expected that researchers will make freewill contributions according to their abilities. Contributions will be used solely for the preservation and cataloguing of Eastern European Jewish archives. Jewish Records Indexing - Poland urges researchers to show their appreciation for this special service.

Contributions should be by US$ money order, US$ bank draft, or US$ personal check drawn on a U.S. bank. (To eliminate bank charges, all payments will be deposited in the U.S.) Contributions should be made payable to: "The Javne Fund" and should be earmarked "for the archives." (For U.S. contributors, such donations are tax-deductible.) Please enclose your contribution with your order.